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Get Fast Connections with Satellite Broadband

No matter where you live, you’re in a spot satellite Internet can reach you – with connection speeds that blow away your typical 53K dial-up. Satellite Internet customers across the contiguous United States enjoy high-speed Internet service, even in the most remote locales.

Is it any wonder more dial-up users make the switch to satellite Internet?

The Satellite Internet advantage

Always-On connections

With dial-up, you need to tie up your phone line to connect. Not so with satellite Internet service. Your connection stays on – no busy signals, no wait for family members to get off the phone to get online. You can even talk on the phone while you’re browsing the Web, with satellite Internet.

Everywhere availability

High-speed Internet by cable and DSL rely on telephone lines and cable connections. Those may not be available where you live. You have to live close enough to the DSL office, or in a community with cable already available. With satellite Internet, all you need is:

  • Electricity
  • A spot to mount our satellite dish
  • A clear view of the Southern sky

Quick download speeds

Long waits for downloads and page loads? No, with satellite broadband connections, you’re already connected. Tasks such as software upgrades and downloads of MP3 files, digital images and videos are faster than ever before on a satellite broadband connection. See how fast, here.

Payment options that make it easy

High-speed Internet plans are budget-friendly, you’re eligible for great deals.

High-speed Internet plans to fit your lifestyle

Satellite customers can do all the things they’d like when they connect to the Internet – easy tasks such as checking email, social media and reading blogs, to more media-rich options, such as downloads of MP3 files and digital images, to sharing media and performing software downloads.

Who wants to struggle with slow Internet?

Download more. Share, watch, listen, from small files to large, like never before.

Stream real-time content. Download music albums and photo albums. Share files, across the country and around the world. File size affects network performance, but we are able to offer plans that allow customers to send, share, listen to and view the items they want to when they connect to the Internet.

Let our Internet experts help you get the most out of satellite Internet, too

You have a lot of wonderful options. Call us today, and let’s talk about what works best for you, where you are, and how you use the Internet!