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Satellite Internet vs. Dial Up

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A Bit of a Blowout: satellite Internet vs. Dial-Up

Remember when dial-up was the only way to go for Internet service?

Things sure have changed.

Yet, dial-up connections still exist in the United States. In your state, perhaps. In your town, probably.

Maybe even in your home.

Going toe-to-toe with dial-up

What’s the difference, really, between dial-up speeds and those you can expect with a satellite Internet plan?

Consider the 1MB video clip. It’s a basic unit of measure for this comparison.

Download this file with a satellite Internet provider, and you’ll be watching it in as little as 2.7 seconds.

With that old dial-up connection, the same download could take as long as 2 minutes, 30 seconds!

The tale of the tape: It isn’t pretty

It’s no secret: Dial-up is slow. DSL is regarded as fast, though. Some satellite Internet plans download files at a comparable speed to DSL, in fact. More powerful plans may allow for greater speeds than dial-up, and even quicker than DSL:


Upload 20 photos (10 MB)

Full music album (160 MB)

90-minute movie (1 GB)

56k Dial-Up 24 minutes 6.5 hours 41.6 hours
DSL Less than 1 minute 15 minutes 1 hour, 41 minutes
Satellite Internet Less than 1 minute 4 minutes 27 minutes
Speeds compared to dial-up speeds of 56k. Actual speeds may vary and are not guaranteed.

The days of relying on slow dial-up speeds – or worse yet, going with no Internet service at all – are over for those of you living in rural areas. With satellite technology, the landscape has changed.

What do faster speeds really mean?

Better. Faster. But how does that translate to your everyday Internet usage?

Our dramatically improved performance provides:

  • Quicker social media use
  • Faster email, Web searches and downloads
  • Improved network performance on high-bandwidth apps, such as viewing video clips, photos and listening to music. You can even stream movies!

Get a Satellite Internet Plan that fits you best

Connecting to the Internet via satellite has its advantages:

  • No busy signals
  • No missed telephone calls
  • No wait to disconnect before placing a call

Always-on connections. Faster speeds than dial-up.

Our satellite experts are waiting to help you get connected, today!